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Paul and Joolya discuss The Yarts- they know what they like and apparently it's not us...

Dame Cheryl Barker beds down for the night, and has clearly already taken her bitch pills. Husband Peter Coleman-Wright is a dog in the boudoir...

Suzi and Judi know all about a good bed-time read but not much about cabaret as it turns out...

Tenor John Longmuir and his humidifier lend their voices to the clamouring masses of naysayers and tall poppy snippers.

Kate Milller-Heidke takes time out from her busy schedule to review a Bedfellows performance and has strong opinions about the live sex acts. Prude.

The cracks begin to appear in soprano Emma Matthews' usually reserved exterior. Have another Bundy darls...

Adam Richard is rendered almost speechless by our work, miraculous.

Renowned chanteuse, opera diva and giver of good cabaret Ali McGregor gets a bit snippy in her vid but we forgive her because she's clearly playing the Rooty Hill RSL and that's a really hard gig...

Mitchell Butel sees a big future for our young heroes.

International tenor superstar Stuart Skelton sucks on a Cuban and bawls us out nicely from in front of one of his many, many swimming pools.

Colin Lane pretends not to have heard of us in a snide attempt to thwart our endeavours.

Guy Noble gets graphic in this cruel assessment of our lovely little show.

Lou Diamond- Phillips reminisces about better times long past when we'd still toss him a bone.

Maestro Richard Gill gets nasty about us whilst his child-bride Maureen quietly succumbs to PTSD in the bed next to him (and not for the first time, we shouldn't wonder).

Rachel Beck seems uncharacteristically snarky whilst contemplating our show which is understandable because she auditioned to be in it and we felt she needed more experience.

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