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Reviews for Strange Bedfellows in Under The Covers:

Stage Noise (by Diana Simmonds)


"...they can truly sing cabaret, rock ’n’ roll and mix it up in ways very few opera singers can credibly manage."


"The show is salacious, bodacious, by turns hilarious and touching." 


"’s a gas and an eye-opening thrill to see two fabulous talents taking off on a whole new trajectory. Catch them if you can."


"If you missed them, you missed them.Always amazing and thrilling what a few performances can do if you're basically brilliant in the first place. Such a good show. So brave and bold and bad - just thrilling. You lot at the Butterfly Club don't know what's about to hit you, you lucky lucky things."


The Australian (by Deborah Jones)


"Strange Bedfellows is at heart a show that touchingly celebrates the intense closeness between its performers."


"There are no quibbles at all about Dark and Breen's songlist, which is eclectic and fabulous."


"With his captivating stage prescence and darkly complex persona, Breen is a cabaret natural."


"There was a lot of love in the room and Rickie Lee Jones' We Belong Together ended Strange Bedfellows on a transcendent note."


Scene and Heard (by Jo Litson)


"...wicked sense of humour and broad musical taste"


"...dark, decadent and deliciously bawdy"


"Naturally they both sing superbly."


"...for those who love a little salacious fun allied with wonderful musicianship it’s a great night out." Daily Review (by Ben Neutze)


"Will and Grace: Uncut "


"...about as bawdy as cabaret gets."


"...Breen and Dark allow themselves to be completely transformed by the performance style. "


"Breen breaks hearts while drawing roars of laughter (isn’t that how so much of the best cabaret works?) "


"Dark has a spectacular moment in the spotlight with one of her own compositions ... Her performance is extraordinary in this moment, and it’s an equally extraordinary piece of songwriting."


"The pair deliver technically assured vocal performances, but what’s really surprising is just how diverse they are — both can roar up a storm, either belting out a rock tune or soaring in an operatic passage, and then the next moment use their instruments in such a delicate way it casts a spell of silence over the usually bustling Vanguard."


"Seriously. There is an extraordinary amount of cabaret potential radiating out of JacquiDark and Kanen Breen. When that potential is fully realised (as it is a fair few times in Under the Covers) it's rather overwhelming!"


Theatrepress (by Bradley Storer)



"The evening was an onslaught of confrontational sexuality, moral degradation and gasp-inducing humour that harkened back to the highly political and satirical origins of classic German cabaret"


"A terrific evening of classic Weimar-style cabaret from two accomplished local artists, Strange Bedfellows: Under the Covers sure to be savoured by those enjoy the darker and dangerous pleasures of life."


" ... sexual fetishes too heinous to be mentioned here ..."


" ... simultaneously heart-rending and bone-chilling ... "


"Together they drew the audience into depths of filth, lust and sin that terrified and titillated in equal measure."



Man In Chair ( by Simon Parris)


"Resolutely confronting and provocative, the cabaret work of Strange Bedfellows is set apart by the utter conviction and sheer talent of creators and stars Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen."


"Through it all Dark and Breen’s exceptional voices shine, both demonstrating the versatility and beauty of their instrument, and elevating the overall quality of the material with their musical skill."


" ... as a world-class cabaret act Strange Bedfellows is hard to beat"


Limelight Magazine (by Clive Paget)


"Ever wondered what the love children of Mae West and Richard O’Brien might turn out like? Well, if your curiosity outweighs your squeamishness, you need to check out Opera Australia star turns Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen in their filthy, dirty cabaret-cum-biopic..."










The Australian (by James Jeffrey)

"Then, with a deep breath, they launched into a tune arguably in the spirit of smut fan Wolfgang Mozart: a song gleefully cataloguing a range of niche sexual practices...By the song's end, your humble correspondent was surprised to have not laughed up at least one kidney."

Bedfellows in the news:

"Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen go Under the Covers, literally"

Sydney Morning Herald (Elissa Blake)



"A quick chat with Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen"

Aussietheatre (Cassie Tongue)



"The opera world's strange bedfellows cuddle up to cabaret"

Daily Review (Ben Neutze)



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