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            THE GRAND HOTEL, HEPBURN SPRINGS                                                   MAY 22, 2015

Make a trip to Spa Country this May and take the waters with the Bedfellows as they give an exclusive and much anticipated performance in the luxurious surrounds of Hepburn Springs and the iconic Grande Hotel. Click here for all details and bookings.

QUEENSLAND CABARET FESTIVAL, BRISBANE                                     JUNE 14, 2015

What better way to ease yourself back into the working week than to spend a Sunday afternoon drinking in the Bedfellows like so much cheap wine? Come straight from church to the Brisbane Powerhouse but leave your holy water at the door! Click here for bookings and further details.

                 ADELAIDE CABARET FESTIVAL                                                  JUNE 5-7, 2015


Join the Bedfellows as they continue to smear the wide, brown land with their particular variety of magnificence and filth. Next stop, the prestigious Adelaide Cabaret Festival with three shows now on sale. Come and play with fire in the Artspace Gallery from June 5 to 7 as we set the city of churches aflame! Click here for booking and program details.

                        MELBOURNE CABARET FESTIVAL

                 CHAPEL OFF CHAPEL;  JUNE 19 & 20, 2015

Come find some religion at the Chapel as the Bedfellows get set to testify. Two sermons only (Friday June 19th and Saturday June 20th), plus a special appearance in the Festival opening night gala (Thursday June 18th). Click here for your chance to get a little closer to your maker..

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