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"..Will and Grace: Uncut.."

Ben Neutze, Crikey


" ... as a world-class cabaret act Strange Bedfellows is hard to beat"

Simon Parris, Man In Chair


"’s a gas and an eye-opening thrill to see two fabulous talents taking off on a whole new trajectory. Catch them if you can."

Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise


" … raucous assaults on good taste aside (and where would cabaret be without them?), Strange Bedfellows is at heart a show that touchingly celebrates the intense closeness between its performers."

Deborah Jones, The Australian


"Strange Bedfellows is one helluva show: raunchy, dark & right out there with gorgeous singing .... dark, decadent and deliciously bawdy."

Jo Litson, Scene and Heard


"Ever wondered what the love children of Mae West and Richard O’Brien might turn out like?"

Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine


"Dark and Breen are cheeky, wicked, irreverent and profane .... Prudes need not apply but, for the rest of us, this was a fine night’s entertainment."

Barbara Hughes, Melbourne Observer


"The evening was an onslaught of confrontational sexuality, moral degradation and gasp-inducing humour that harkened back to the highly political and satirical origins of classic German cabaret ... sexual fetishes too heinous to be mentioned here ... simultaneously heart-rending and bone-chilling ... Together they drew the audience into depths of filth, lust and sin that terrified and titillated in equal measure."

Bradley Storer, Theatrepress


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